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Dress Up Your Home With These Indoor Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight

Indoor plants not only purify the surrounding air but also enhance the decor of your house. In fact, you will be amazed by the number of benefits that a houseplant can bring to your life. Research shows that keeping plants indoors can purify the air and get rid of harmful chemicals that are emitted by certain household products. Toxins like benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde are absorbed and in turn replaced with oxygen.

Since most indoor plants are tropical plants, they thrive in low, indirect and bright lights. Normally, direct sunlight is about 32,000-100,000 lux, i.e. the unit of illuminance. 100 lux or less is considered low intensity or indirect lighting, and about 400 lux would be bright lighting. Anything above 1000 lux is considered high intensity lighting. So, plants preferring low light should be kept in places which don’t receive direct sunlight. For indirect sunlight, plants should be placed at least 3 feet away from windows streaming direct sunlight. Plants thriving in bright light can be placed next to a sunny window. It is always beneficial for plants to get some sunlight once in a while.

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