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How to Care for Norfolk Pine to Keep it Healthy and Evergreen

Around 13 species that are similar in appearance to Norfolk pine are found in New Caledonia. Often mistaken for Norfolk Island pine, Cook pine or Araucaria columnaris is one of the species that is endemic to New Caledonia. While Norfolk pine trees are straight and upright, the trunk of Cook pine trees is slightly bent.

Truly Helpful Tips to Take Care of Kimberly Queen Ferns

Quick Fact

The Kimberly Queen fern is believed to clean the surrounding air of pollutants and toxins, which is why it is a popular choice for homes in urban areas.

Unlike a Boston or Dallas fern, the Kimberly Queen or Australian sword fern (scientific name: Nephrolepsis obliterata) grows upright, rather than spreading out towards the sides, giving it a neater appearance and making it easy to care for. The Kimberly Queen is also a very resilient species, and can tolerate heavy winds and rains. The plant grows just as well in a hanging basket as on the ground, giving it an advantage of versatility as a decorative plant.

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